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LetterMeister is an addictive word puzzle game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Rearrange the letters in each grid to form a set of interlocking words, using the colour coding as clues. Customise the game to your desired pace and vocabulary level. Remember to maximise your use of bonus squares while you attempt to beat the clock in later levels.

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Each level consists of a "crossword" of interlocking words. However, some of the letters forming these words have been jumbled up. By swapping pairs of letters, you must get all letters back into the right place. As a clue to their correct placement, incorrectly positioned letters are colour-coded:

  • red indicates that a letter is in the wrong word;
  • yellow indicates that a letter is in the correct word, but in the wrong position.

Swap a pair of letters by successively tapping each letter of the pair that you wish to swap. Once the letters have been swapped, their colours will be updated to reflect their new status.

Letters at intersections between two words

Where a letter is shared by more than one word, then it may have two colours:

  • the top colour refers to the word running across;
  • teh left-hand colour refers to the word running down;


Once a letter is moved into its correct position, you have a limited time to move another letter into its correct position in order to be awarded a bonus. Try to beat your record for the longest "chain" of correct letter bonuses.

Levels and bonuses

Each successive level becomes more difficult, with more words on the board, more letters out of place, along with restrictions on the time available and permitted number of wrong moves.

In later levels, also look out for bonus squares: if the first letter moved to one of these squares is correct, then you will be awarded bonus points.

Also look out for mystery letters marked by a question mark. The identity of the letter is revealed when it is moved into its correct place.


From the options screens, you may choose between three vocabulary levels and three time settings depending on your desired difficulty level.


Enjoy the game! Your constructive feedback for future improvements is always welcome!