Spanish-English Computing Glossary (G)

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genérico a (Comput) generic service
genérico a (Comput) generic type
gestionar vt (Comput) to manage databases
gestor nm (Comput) manager; * ~ de bases de datos database manager, database management system
grabadora nf (Comput) writer, burner; ~ de DVD DVD writer, DVD burner; * ~ de CD/DVD CD/DVD writer
gráficamente d (Comput) graphically
gráfico a (Comput) graphical interface
gráfico nm (Comput) graphic; ~s graphics; ~s 2D 2D graphics
grafo nm (Comput) graph; (la) teoría de ~s graph theory; ~ de navegación navgraph
grupo nm (Comput: of users) group; ~ de noticias newsgroup
guardar vt (Comput) to store data; los datos son guardados en varios ficheros the data is stored in several files; guarda estas líneas en un fichero con el nombre 'test.txt' create a text file containing these lines of text and save it as 'test.txt', save these lines in a text file with the name 'test.txt'

This Spanish-English computing glossary compiled by Neil Coffey.
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