Spanish-English Computing Glossary (H)

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habilitado a (Comput: option) enabled; una orden puede ejecutarse, sólo si está habilitada a command can only be executed if it is enabled
habilitar vt (Comput) to enable an option
heredado a (Comput: Java etc) inherited method
heredar vt (Comput: Java etc) to inherit
herramienta nf (Comput) tool
hilo nm (Comput) ~ (de ejecución) thread; sincronización de ~s thread synchronisation; crear un ~ to create a thread; ser accedido por múltiples ~s to be accessed by multiple threads
hiperbólico a (Comput, Math) hyperbolic function
hipertexto nm (Comput) hypertext; protocolo de transferencia de ~ hypertext transfer protocol
hoja nf (Comput) ~ de cálculo spreadsheet
hospedaje nm (Comput: activity) hosting; (=package) hosting package, hosting solution; ~s hosting @alt(packages,solutions)
hosting nm (Comput) hosting
HTML n (Comput) HTML; página ~ HTML page, page written in HTML; documento ~ HTML document;

This Spanish-English computing glossary compiled by Neil Coffey.
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