Spanish-English Computing Glossary (V)

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valor nm (Comput: of variable) value; ~ nulo null value; * ~ calculado derived value
variable nf (Comput) variable; une ~ de tipo X denominada Y a variable of type X called (or) named Y, an X variable called (or) named Y; declaración de ~s variable declaration
variable a (Comput) variable number, width; contiene un número ~ de columnas it contains a variable number of columns;
velocidad nf (Comput) speed of program; ~ de procesamiento processing speed; * ~ de respuesta response time
veloz a (Comput) fast; este código es más ~ this code is faster
ventana nf (Comput) window; ~ principal main window; a base de ~s windows-based interface; basado en ~s windows-based application; de ~s windowed environment; cerrar una ~ to close a window; mover/dimensionar/minimizar/maximizar una ~ to move/resize/minimise/maximise a window; retornar une ~ a tamaño normal to restore a window; ocupar toda la ~ del explorador to occupy (or) take up the whole of the browser window
ver vt (Comput) to view a page
verdadero a (Comput) true
versión nf (Comput) version; la ~ 2 version 2
vida nf (Comput: of program) life, lifetime; ciclo de ~ life cycle; a lo largo de la ~ del programa over the lifetime of a program
videoconferencia nf (Comput) videoconferencing
videojuego nm (Comput) video game
videojugador nm (Comput) gamer, video game player
videollamada nf (Comput) video call
videoproyección nf (Comput) video projection
videoproyector nm (Comput) video projector
vista nf (Comput) view
visualizar vt (Comput) to display graphics
visualizar vt (Comput: on user's request) to view a document; el documento que se quiere ~ the document to be viewed
volatile a (Comput) volatile; campo ~ volatile field
volumen nm (Comput: of code etc) volume; el ~ de código ejecutable the volume of executable code

This Spanish-English computing glossary compiled by Neil Coffey.
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