Spanish-English Computing Glossary (P)

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página nf (Comput: on web site) page; ~ web web page; ~ web dinámica dynamic web page
palabra nf (Comput: in search query) word; una ~ o una frase a word or phrase
palabra nf (Comput: in programming language) word; ~ clave keyword; ~ reservada reserved word
panel nm (Comput: in window) panel
paquete nm (Comput) packet (of data)
paquete nm (Comput: Java) package; el ~ 'javax.swing' the 'javax.swing' package, the package 'javax.swing'; la clase File del ~ '' the File class from (or) in the '' package; los componentes AWT se localizan en el ~ 'java.awt' the AWT components are in the 'java.awt' package, the AWT components belong to the 'java.awt' package
parámetro nm (Comput) parameter; ~ de entrada entry parameter, parameter on entry; ~ de salida exit parameter, parameter on exit; ~ oculto hidden parameter; pasar ~s to pass parameters, pass in parameters (a, to)
párrafo nm (Comput) paragraph
pasar vt (Comput) to pass, pass in a parameter (a, to)
pascal nm (Comput) Pascal
pegar vt (Comput) to paste text
perfilador nm (Comput) profiler
peso nm (Comput: of neural network) weight
pestaña nf (Comput: in UI, browser) tab; navegación en ~s tabbed browsing
petición nf (Comput) request; realizar una ~ to make a request; el servidor acepta peticiones de los clientes the server accepts client requests
pila nf (Comput) stack
pirata nmf (Comput) pirate
pirateado a (Comput) pirated, illegally copied; un software ~ pirated software, illegal software, an illegal copy of some software
piratería nf (Comput) piracy
plataforma nf (Comput) platform; ser independiente de la ~ to be platform-independent; común a todas las ~s cross-platform interface; ejecutarse uniformemente en cualquier ~ to be platform-independent, run in a platform-independent manner; ~ hardware hardware platform; ~ software software platform
portal nm (Comput) portal
portapapeles nm (Comput: Windows) clipboard; ~ del sistema system clipboard; transferir datos al ~ to transfer data to the clipboard; a través del ~ via the clipboard
portátil a (Comput) portable; (=type of device) mobile; multimedia ~ mobile multimedia
procesar vt (Comput) to process data, an event
proceso nm (Comput) process; todo este ~ es automatico this whole process is automatic
precompilar vt (Comput) to precompile; ~se to be precompiled
predeterminado a (Comput) default; establecer algo como ~ to set sth as default, set sth to be the default; establecer una base de datos como predeterminada to set a database as the default (database)
prestación nf (Comput: of driver, component) service
primario a (Comput) primary key
primero a (Comput) first row, result
probabilístico a (Comput) probabilistic algorithm
procesador nm (Comput) processor; ciclo de ~ processor clock cycle, clock cycle; ~ Core Duo Cure Duo (processor); * ~ de doble núcleo dual core processor
procesamiento nm (Comput: of CPU) processing;
procesamiento nm (Comput: of data) processing; ~ de datos data processing; instrucción de ~ processing instruction
proceso nm (Comput) process; genera un nuevo ~ cada vez que se invoca it starts a new process every time it is run; ~ ligero lightweight process, LWP
programa nm (Comput) program; * ~ de aplicación application program, application; ~ compilador compiler; ~ ensamblador assembler
programación nf (Comput) programming; la ~ programming; lenguaje de ~ programming language; ~ orientada a objetos object-oriented programming, OOP; * ~ CGI CGI programming; ~ conducida por eventos event-driven programming; ~ funcional functional programming; ~ orientada a objetos y conducida por eventos event-driven OOP, event-driven object-oriented programming
programar vt (Comput) to program; ~ algo en código de máquina to program sth in machine code
proporcionar vt (Comput) to offer, provide;
propriedad nf (Computing: of component) property; modificar las ~es de una etiqueta to change the properties of a label, change a label's properties
proprietaro nm (Comput: in programming) owner; dejar de ser el ~ de to loose ownership of
proprio a (Comput) ~ a native to a platform, system
protección nf (Comput: against hacking etc) protection (contra, from, against)
protocolo nm (Comput) protocol; los ~s TCP/IP TCP/IP, the TCP/IP protocol; de acuerdo con el ~ HTTP conforming to the HTTP protocol; * conjunto de ~s protocol set; ~ de transferencia de correos mail transfer protocol; ~ de transferencia de ficheros file transfer protocol
pulsado a (Comput: of button, key) pressed, held down; con el botón ~ with the button held down; manteniendo ~ el botón del ratón, arrastre en la dirección deseada with the mouse button pressed (or) held down, drag the mouse in the direction you require
proveedor nm (Comput) provider; ~ de soluciones solutions provider
pulsar vt (Comput) to press a key, button; cuando se pulsa este botón when this button is pressed
puerto nm (Comput) port
puntero nm (Comput) pointer; asignar un valor a un ~ to assign a value to a pointer
punto nm (Comput) ~ y coma semicolon; una sentencia finaliza con un ~ y coma a statement ends with a semicolon
puntocom nfi (Comput) dotcom; la era ~ the dotcom era, the era of the dotcom boom

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