Spanish-English Computing Glossary (S)

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salir vi (Comput) (in menu) "~" "quit", "exit"
saltar vi (Comput) ~ a to jump to a page, document, line; (of text) ~ a la línea siguiente to jump (or) move to the next line, start a new line; ~ automáticamente a la línea siguiente to wrap round, auto-wrap
saltar vi (Comput: in machine code) to branch, jump (a, to); (in high level language) branch, goto
salto nm (Comput) jump; realizar un ~ a una página to jump to a page
salto nm (Comput: in program) branch, jump; (in high-level language) goto; instrucción de ~ branch instruction, jump instruction; (in high-level language) goto instruction; ~ condicional conditional branch; ~ incondicional non-conditional branch; * ~ JZ JZ branch instruction, JZ instruction; ~ JNZ JNZ branch instruction, JNZ instruction
script nm (Comput) script;
seguridad nf (Comput) security; problema de ~ security issue
seleccionable a (Comput) selectable
seleccionado a (Comput) selected; trabajar con el texto ~ to work with the selected text
seleccionar vt (Comput) to select an option, text; ~se to be selected; el texto a ~ the text to be selected; el usario puede ~ texto utilizando el ratón o el teclado the user can select text using the mouse or keyboard
semántica nf (Comput) semantics
sentencia nf (Comput) statement; una ~ 'CREATE TABLE' a 'CREATE TABLE' statement; ejecutar ~s to execute statements; * ~ SQL SQL statement; ~ DELETE DELETE statement; ~ INSERT INSERT statement, INSERT; ~ SELECT SELECT statement, SELECT
Sempron nm (Comput) Sempron
separado a (Comput) separated; ~ por comas comma-separated list
separador nm (Comput: in menu) separator
servicio nm (Comput) service; ~ de información information service; * ~ genérico generic service; ~ de seguridad security service
servidor nm (Comput) server; nombre del ~ server name; * ~ de aplicaciones application server; ~ de correo mail server
servlet nm (Comput: Java) servlet; contenedor de ~ servlet runner, servlet container
sesión nf (Comput) session; ~ FTP FTP session; finalizar una ~ to end a session, close a session
siguiente a (Comput) next row, piece of data
siguiente a (Comput: on button) next; "~" "next"
símbolo nm (Comput) symbol
simulación nf (Math, Comput) simulation
sincronización nf (Comput: of threads, data) synchronisation
sintonizadora nf (Comput) ~ de TV TV tuner
sistema nm (Comput) system; ~ operativo operating system, OS; * ~ administrador de bases de datos database management system, DBMS; ~ de ficheros file system; ~ de nombres de dominio domain name system, DNS
smartphone nm (Comput) smartphone
sobrecarga nf (Comput) overload; ~ de CPU CPU overload
software nm (Comput) software; un ~ a piece of software, some software; un ~ intermedio a piece of middleware; el ~ software; * ~ intermedio middleware
solicitar vt (Comput) to request, ask for (Infml) data, an object, acknowledgement (de, from); ~ al controlador una conexión con la base de datos to ask the driver for a database connection, request a database connection from the driver
solución nf (Math) solution (a, to)
sondeo nm (Comput: in hash table) probing; ~ lineal linear probing; ~ cuadrático quadratic probing
soportar vt (Comput) to support a feature; exploradores que no soportan gráficos browsers that do not support graphics, text-only browsers
soporte nm (Comput) support (para, for); requiere ~ para Java it requires Java support; proporcionar el ~ necesario para algo to provide the necessary suppport for sth
southbridge nm (Comput) south bridge
SQL n (Comput) SQL; sentencia ~ SQL statement
SSL nm (Comput) SSL
subcadena nf (Comput) substring;
subclase nf (Comput) subclass; una ~ de la clase Frame a subclass of Frame
subconjunto nm (Comput) subset (of results)
subdominio nm (Comput: Internet) subdomain
submenú nm (Comput) submenu
subproceso nm (Comput) subprocess, thread, lightweight process, LWP; ~ trabajador worker thread
subprotocolo nm (Comput) subprotocol
Swing n (Comput: Java) Swing; componente ~ Swing component
switch nm (Comput) switch, network switch

This Spanish-English computing glossary compiled by Neil Coffey.
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